You can help us translate the game interface and this wiki to your native langauge: we've tried to make this process as easy as posiible. If you want to help - contact us here.

Rival Regions game interface localisation

There is a built-in localisation tool in Rival Regions: you can find it in articles tab by clicking on menu in the top right corner or here on rivalregions.com.

After you contacted administration and were assigned as a translator you will find it looking this way:

Game interface localisation, example, translating to Albanian language

As you can see there are hundreds of phrases that are divided into pages.

You can also use search if you need to fix some particular phrases or view only empty, untranslated phrases.

Blue button fires autotranslate and green one saves translation, so does "Enter" (if your cursor is in the translation input). 

Everyone can see the completion stage of every language in setups.

All phrases that has no translation are replaced with english phrases.

It is important to translate phrases "as is", trying to leave the punctuation and the approximate length of the original sentences. Leave '%start%' and other parts with '%SOMETHING%' where they are, without translating 'SOMETHING' part between '%' symbols.

Wiki translation

To take part in Wiki translation you should create your account first.

Then you should contact us (here) and we will assign your account as a translator.

You will now be able to translate pages to your language: click Translate this page at the bottom.


Translate this page link

Now you should select the language you want to translate to: the selector is in the top right corner.


Selecting your language

After that you will be able to translate the page by parts:


It is very important to keep every part of wiki formatting in its place. You should only translate text and link titles. 

Try using the same phrases in wiki and in the game interface (as in the list of laws).

Links are very important: for them to work you should add /LANGUAGE_CODE to the end of link target.

For example, the link in this part of the page:

== First steps ==The first thing we advise you is to join an existing political [[Party|party]] and get some help and advices from players with higher levels.

Should be translated in turkish as:


Where tr is a language code. Note that you should keep the first part of the link (only add /tr) and translate the second one.

If you want, you can upload your own screenshots and change file names, or you can leave them in english.

You can read more about wiki formatting here.

If you have any questions - just write us