Welcome to the Wiki project of geopolitical simulator Rival Regions .

Here you will be able to learn new perks, create political parties, get a place in parliament and issue laws, travel to hundreds of regions all over the world and obtain oil, gold, ore, uranium and diamonds, while working at private factories and create weaponry or build schools and military bases out of previously mentioned resources.

You will take part in wars on land, sea and space, create your own newspapers and publish articles, use real world regions to form your own state state and choose its form of government: dictatorship or presidential republic? It's your choice!

First steps

The first thing we advise you is to join an existing political party and get some help and advices from players with higher levels.

But of course, you can go the other way and invite other players and your friends in the party you created.

Your experience is extremely important in Rival Regions: a high level will allow you to deal more damage in wars and make more money.

The easiest way to gain experience is to take part in wars and training. Every hour you can send troops without spending any Energy - be sure to use this opportunity!

We do not recommend to create weapons yourself: more often it will be much cheaper to buy them from the market.

Perks are also important: in the beginning of the game we recommend you to focus on Endurance: at 50 points you will be able to spend the least amount of Energy at work and at 100 points - the least amount of Energy in wars. We advice you to work in Gold mine. Also, we do not recommend you to open your Private factory: you will need a lot of gold to make it profitable!

Do quests, earn medals, gain experience, develop your team and soon you will be able to rule regions and create your own states!