If you play in the web browser (desktop), permanent ban of any account will look for you like this:

Basics: you won't be unbanned, please, do not write asking about reasons, we do not discuss or explain permanent bans.

Who are they given by?

  • Developers (Administrator)

Should i contact moderator if my account received this type of ban? 

  • No, moderators are not responsible for it.

What it's given for?

  • Strict violation of game rules, most often for posting someone's IRL pictures, using more than 2 accounts (on the same network) or trying to sell anything in RR articles, chats and messages.

Is it really permanent and can't be objected?

  • Yes, it is.

Can i get a refund of my purchases?

  • No, you are only eligible for refund until your account is active and not blocked.