• Please, do not send 10+ links at once. 
  • Do not create numerous tickets for same links check.

We can check the following types of links:

1. Links on parties (example: http://rivalregions.com/#slide/party/172470), we check party members.

2. Links on regions (example: http://rivalregions.com/#map/details/5606), we check residents.

3. Links on factories (example: https://rivalregions.com/#factory/index/52738), we check workers.

4. Links on elections (example: https://rivalregions.com/#listed/votes/1614757647/291736), we check voters.

5. Links on wars (http://rivalregions.com/#war/details/xxxxxx).

6. Links on states (https://rivalregions.com/#listed/residency_state/3718), we check residents.

We do not check particular accounts or list of accounts who voted for/against the article.